As we enter the third year of Russia's full scale invasion, I am asking for your support to raise $7,500 to be able to continuing to provide vital humanitarian and disaster relief work in Ukraine.


A group of U.S. military veterans have been working in Ukraine for almost 2 years to provide vital live-saving medical supplies and equipment.

Thanks to our donors and supporters we are able to purchase the best quality life saving medical supplies from combat tested and certified tourniquets to trauma bandages and chest seals.  Then we have volunteers help assemble first aid kits for soldiers, combat medics, and mobile medical hospitals. 

The war continues to rage and your help is needed now more than ever as military aid from the U.S. has been stalled. These soldiers - Ukrainians, Americans, British, Australians, Brazilians, French, Germans, etc. - are fighting for freedom but they need your support.

We work directly with combat medics, mobile hospitals, stabilization points, front line units, and trusted aid groups to ensure your donations gets to the soldiers that need it most.

The General - $2,500

With a contribution of $2,500, you will be helping to save the lives of front line soldiers by providing 2 complete combat medic kits plus 15 individual first aid kits (IFAKs)!


The Full Bird Colonel - $1,000

Your contribution of $1,000 will provide 5 individual first aid kits (IFAKs) plus a combat medic kit filled with life saving first aid and trauma supplies.



The Major - $500

Your contribution of $500 will help cover the cost of either 5 individual first aid kits (IFAKs) or a special medic kit designed for combat medics filled with additional first aid and trauma supplies.

**Most Popular**


The Captain - $100

Your contribution of $100 will provide an individual soldier with a combat tested individual first aid kit (IFAK) including a combat tourniquet, trauma bandages, chest seals, burn dressing and more.


Thank You From the Soldiers and Units We Support!

Here are some images and videos from the soldiers, combat medics and mobile medical hospitals we support.

About Me

Following Russia's full scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, I went to volunteer in Warsaw to help the refugees (mostly women, children and seniors) escaping the horrors of war. But I knew I wanted to do more.

Finally, in May 2023, I was able to leave my position as Executive Director of All Stars Helping Kids in the Bay Area, give up my apartment, put everything I owned into storage and headed to Ukraine. Since then, I have been volunteering full time.

As volunteers we are responsible for all of our own living expenses (lodging, meals, etc.) as well as helping to purchase equipment and supplies (shovels, gloves, masks, helmets, body armor, first aid and medical supplies); transportation (trains, buses, etc.); and providing direct support to individual soldiers, combat medics and individual families.

100% of every dollar will go to providing humanitarian and disaster relief aid directly to local communities, families and individuals.

Being Interviewed by a local television station in Kyiv

Do You Have Equipment or Supplies To Donate?

If you, or your company, has medical equipment, military gear, construction equipment, vehicles or other materials to donate, please contact me at [email protected].  We have many qualified, registered nonprofits who need your help.

The Traveling Colonels - Meet the Team

"We are who say we are and we do what we say we do."

Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers, partners and donors for making this work possible and for helping us save lives! If you wold like to contribute directly to the Traveling Colonels, a Ukrainian Charitable Organization, please visit our donation page:

Interested in volunteering in Ukraine?

Visit Volunteering In Ukraine for more information.

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